Thursday, 25 July 2013

Accessories I Love #1

Hello :)

Today, I am going to be sharing a selection of the accessories I love, but I might do another one as there are so many!

I know this is quite an odd selection of Accessories, but here's why I like them and where to find them:

1) Ebay - Unisex Shamballa 10mm 9 Disco Ball Bracelet Clay Band Bead Shambala Crystals - £1.99 (Available here) - I know the shambala trend has sort of past, but I still really like them, I think they go with anything and they are just really cute.

2) Amazon -  Zehui Retro Gothic Bronze Alloy Geometric Triangle Necklace Sweater Chain – £2.35 (Available here) - This necklace is lovely, I bough it off amazon a little while ago and it goes with basically anything! It can be worn under collars, with sweaters or with a plain top, and I love triangle design on a necklace.

3) Ebay - 2 Cloth Dots Rubbit Ear Scrunchie Hair Tie Band Ponytail Holder - £1.39 (Available here) - I love scrunchies in general, but I especially like these ones with the little 'bunny ears' on. I think they look really cute with a ponytail or bun, and I am also aware that you can get them in topshop or new look, but I don't really have the money to spend £4 on one scrunchie.

4) Topshop - Flat Snake Chain Multirow - £1.50 (In Sale From £10) (Available here) - I really like this necklace, and I'm definitely hoping I can find it in the sale for £1.50! It doesn't look too long, but not right up to my neck either so it'll go nicely with mostly everything

5) Amazon - The Hunger Games Bracelet Mockingjay  - £3.45 (Available here) - I am slightly hunger games obsessed, if you haven already read the books, I think you should!! I love he mockingjay symbol and I also like little string bracelets like this, I always seem to have a giant collection that I don't take off over summer.

6) Amazon - Zehui Occident Style Retro Fashion V Shape Alloy Long Chain Charms Triangle Necklace Black - £1.57 (Available here) - Again with the triangles! I love the double triangle design of this and it looks quite long so would go nicely with plain t shirts or dresses.

7) Ebay - Boho Lady Girl Floral Flower Festival Wedding Garland Forehead Hair Head Band - £1.45 (Available here) - I really like flower head garlands and I like hat this one is quite little but I would also like a bigger one too :)

8) Amazon - Rose Gold Geneva Crystal Rhinestone Chronograph Watch with Metal Link Band - £6.49 (Available here) - I have this watch and I love it! the chronograph dials are just for decoration but I wasnt really expecting op end from that price! I like rose gold jewellery and it doesn't actually look or feel too cheap.

9) Amazon - Ladies Womens Vintage Celebrity Tote Designer Shopper Handbag Shoulder Satchel Bag Black - £13.71 (Available here) - this bag look perfect for shopping, its quite big and there is a big and a small strap too suit every occasion or oufit.

What jewellery do you  love?
Are there any blog posts/ reviews you'd like to see?

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In a While Crocodile :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Fashion Wishlist

Hello :)

Today I am going to be sharing my current fashion wishlist.

 1) New Look - White Polly Floral Crepe Cami - £12.99 (Available here)
I really like the cami style in general - this is not the only one I like but I thought that showing a pretty patterned one would be nicer than a plain one.

2) Amazon - Motel Carly Shirt in Fiji Print - £14.98 (Available here)
I am getting into brightly patterned shirts - I just think they are a lovely summery statement piece suitable for any weather or occasion.

3) New Look - Watermelon Floral Textures Shell Top - £16.99 (Available here)
Shell tops are really pretty and compliment my figure well (I think?!) and I also like this textured effect.

4) New Look - Navy Tie Waist Lightweight Parka - £17.99 (Available here)
I am aware that it is (supposedly) summer, but I really like this parka for any rainy days, it looks nice with anything and wont give too much heat.

5) Amazon - Turquoise Chiffon Open Front Blazer - £5.63 (Available here)
I have wanted a brightly coloured summery blazer for a while now, I think they just brighten and enhance any outfit (depending on colour obviously!) and I couldn't find one for less than around £30 which is a bit steep for my budget, so I'm really happy I've found this one

6) River Island - Coral Bird Print Cropped T shirt - £7 (In Sale - From £15) (Available here)
I love little crop tops that are like this, not too tight or too short, but still look lovely with something high waisted, and I also love the cue little pattern on this one.

7) Misguided - Florence Value Knot Tunic in White - £6.99 (Available here)
I like the Cut out style and I also like that this dress is tunic style so wont be too tight, and perfect for the beach. It's available in some other lovely colours too but I chose white because I think that white outfits - particularly dresses - look very summery.

8) Topshop - MOTO Acid Wash High Waist Hotpants - £28 (Available here)
I think acid wash is a nice denim technique and high waisted shorts are a summer essential so these are perfect.

What is on your Fashion Wishlist?

In also thinking that I might do a Beauty/ shoes/ accessories wishlist in the near future, what do you think?

In a while Crocodile :)


Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Everday Natural Makeup Routine

Hello Internet :)

Today I am going to be posing my everyday makeup routine and the products which I use. I would also like to add a sorry for the state that all of my products are in, I'm awful at keeping them clean.

So here it is - all the makeup I use for an everyday natural look. It looks like so much makeup layed out like that...

Right, so firstly after putting on moisturiser I apply foundation. Many people say that you are meant to put concealer on first but I find that I just rub it straight back off again so I do foundation first. I put one pump of my foundation - Rimmel Wake me up in Ivory 100- onto my hand and mix it with a small amount of moisturiser. I then rub I evenly into my face and go over it with my eco tools foundation brush 403 to make sure it is fully blended.

After foundation, I put on my concealer, I use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2. I normally do more than one layer of concealer because my eye bags are SO dark and horrible but to apply it I just use my ring finger and gently blend it in.

Next, I put on powder in an attempt to 'set' my foundation and concealer. I use the MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 2 with the brush in the picture and put it all over my face.

To finish off my face, I apply blusher. I always use the Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba then I usually top it off with a little bit of this Asda Blusher in No.4 Pink.

By this point, my eyebrows usually have some foundation or powder in them, so I get that out then gently brush them over with this Maybelline Maser Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, then I use the brush at the end of it to sweep through them. The colour is the same as my eyebrows and I don't go crazy creating any different shape with the pencil as I know some people do - and it works for them, just not me- I just find that using the pencil fills them out a bit and gives them more definition.

I don't wear eye shadow everyday but I normally do so I thought I'd include it in his post. When I do wear it I use this Chilli Pepper Colour Palette.
Unfortunately the colours in this palette do no have names but I can point out the ones I use for this look. To look natural, I usually go for the 2 colours just above the lip brush which I can only really describe as both quite taupe but the left with more purple tones and the right with more pink - but only very subtle. I also sometimes use a bit of the gold in my inner corner. I don't use the sponge brush which came with the set instead I just use an eye shadow brush and then a blending brush afterwards. I start with the pinky taupe colour (right of the 2) and sweep this all over my eyelid, I then take he purpley one (on the left) and just put a small amount of his in my outer corners then blend them well.

Before applying mascara, I ALWAYS curl my eyelashes. I find it so much easier to apply mascara and get right to the edges when I have curled my lashes. Here I have 2 eyelash curlers, one of which I keep in my makeup bag for when I'm out and about because I have quite a small makeup bag and the normal sized ones take up quite a bit of space. And then I just have a normal pair which I use when I'm a home. Both of these were from Primark at about £1 each and they have both lasted such a long time! I would definitely recommend an eyelash curler if you don own one already, especially as they can be picked up for such cheap prices!
Now obviously after prepping (curling) my lashes its time for mascara. I use he L' Oreal Telescopic Mascara and the Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara both in black. Although I'm not the greatest fan of the Scandaleyes mascara, it works well to put on top of my L'Oreal Telescopic one and in a way 'set' it. Its pretty self-explanatory how I apply mascara and the only thing I would say is that its important to 
make sure you get to all of the lashes, especially in the outer corners.
Lastly - but not leastly - I do my lips. I generally would've applied my lip balm a little while before, probably after powder or sometimes before any make up at all because I find that the lipstick goes on better if I do this, my choice of lip balm is Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm in Peppermint. Then I put on my Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in 13 - Satin Bow.
And that's my Everyday Natural Makeup Routine done - surprisingly I can normally do this in under 10 minutes because I'm in such a rush! Please Comment and tell me any posts you'd like to see - or product recommendations as I love trying new things.
In a while Crocodile

I'd just like to say sorry for the funny sized pictures and the picture which isn't rotated - I'm not really sure what happened but I'll try to fix it soon :)
List of Products Mentioned
(all prices are just from Boots and Superdrug)
Rimmel Wake Me up Foundation - 100 Ivory - £8.99
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Light 2 - £4.19
MUA Pressed Powder - Shade 2 - £1
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks - Peach Melba - £1.99
ASDA Blusher - No.4 Pink - £1.45 (obviously this price is from ASDA)
Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow - Soft Brown - £2.99
Chilli Pepper London Colours Palette - Unfortunately I think this product has been discontinued but 4 colour palettes with the same colours are available for £5.87 from Boots
Primark Eyelash Curlers - £1 each
L' Oreal telescopic Mascara - Black - £10.99
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara - 001 Black - £6.99
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - Peppermint - £3.69
Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick - 13 Satin Bow - £2.99

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Collection Lipstick Review

Hello Internet :)
I'd first of all like to apologise for the lack of pictures on this post, there was a problem with the focus on the camera and I figured better less focused pictures than a ton of rubbish ones.
Anyway, today I am going to be doing a kind o review of these 2 Collection lipsticks. I bought them boots a few weeks ago and I love both colours! They retail at £2.99 each, and when I got to the till I was delighted to hear that they have a buy one get 2nd half price deal so I got them both for £4.50, so they were only £2.25 each!

(Left) Satin Bow (Right) Sweet Tart
Both of these shades are matte, because I am allergic to an ingredient in all lip glosses (except the Barry m exact colour in the background) and glittery lipsticks so matte is important. I was really pleased when I found these, as many of the matte lipsticks are very expensive for my budget. I decided to go for a natural 'your lips but better' kind of pink shade from the volume sensation collection in 13 - Satin Bow and then a very bright pink from the lasting colour range in Sweet Tart.
I don't really have many bad things to say about these lipsticks but, as usual, I am going to start with the negatives. I find that I have to apply a lip balm 10 or so minutes before I apply the lipstick or it sinks in to all the cracks on my lips and doesn't look very nice at all. The packaging isn't all that exciting but I'm not really fussed about packets.  
Now onto good things. I really like the colours of these lipsticks and they last a pretty long time too. They are easy to apply and the price was excellent
 Overall I would rate these lipsticks a 9 out of 10, with one point off because I'm not sure if they'll last very long and I need to apply lip balm.

In a while Crocodile :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Garnier BB Cream Review

Hello Internet :)

Today i am going to be enlightening you with a review of this Garnier BB cream. BB creams have been a bit of a 'thing' in the make-up 'world' lately, BB stands for Blemish Balm if you didnt already know. I think Garnier was the first high-street (drugstore) brand to bring out a BB cream, but now they are popping up all over the place!

I have this in the shade 'Light/ Clair' and when applying, i mix it with my Simple face moisturiser and apply with my Ecotools foundation brush.
To apply this BB cream, i first mix it on the top of my hand with a facial moisturiser (usually Simple), this is because i find that face products tend to leave lines on my face and this is also slightly dark, but it is the lightest shade they do. I then put a blob off of my hand onto each 'section' of my face (forehead, left cheek, right cheek, nose) and rub it in gently over my face, making sure to cover eveywhere, i then touch it up wit hmy Eco tools foundation brush and i'm good to go.

For £7.49, or around that, this is really well priced, there is 50ml in the tube which is quite a lot consiering most face products only contain 30ml. I'm not too keen on squeezy tubes for make-up as they become dirty much easier and I find it harder to judge the amount i should be applying.

I bought this from Boots for £7.49
Once again, i am going to start with the negatives. Firstly, it sometimes doesnt last brilliantly on my face, so it is sometimes needed to top it up. There is also that even the light shade is slightly dark which i mentioned earlier but i do not have any problems mixing it with a tiny bit of moisturiser, and this is also a problem for me, and wouldnt be for many other people.

It is also very light coverage, which not sure if that is a good or bad thing? In one way, it doestn cake your face or break you out, and is perfect for a day you are not wearing very much makeup, or you do not have any blemishes or spots that need covering. But in the other way it does not do such a good job at covering things. If i have a red patch or spot on my face, i feel the need to wear foundation as this gives me better coverage.

Now for the positives. I love the finish this has on my skin. When my skin is clear, this brightens my face and gives it a nice natural dewey look and soft feel. It is also very moisturing for my skin and does not cling to any dry patches at all. Another good thing about htis is that it in no way moves throughout the day, i hear of products a lot which move on peoples faces throughout the day however i am pleased that this does not.

Overall, i would definately reccomend this as a make-up essential.

In a while Crocodile :)