Saturday, 29 June 2013

MUA £1 Nail Polish Review

Hello Internet :)

These are the colours (left to right) Bright Coral, Koala Bear and Pistachio Ice Cream.

I was recently in Superdrug and spotted these nail varnishes, i could not resist for just £1 each! I only picked up these 3 because they were the only 3 left in stock (obviously you like them too!) however other colours that i would like to get are - strawberry crush, bright pink, all nude, natural days, amaretto crush and bold blue. They can all be found here on the MUA website.
Value - Excellent
Colour- Brilliant
Lasting - Good
Finish - Nice
I am going to start off with the things that i dont really like about them, so i can build it up! Firstly, the bottles are quite a lot smaller than i imagined, however, they were only a pound! They also need quite a few coats of polish and take a while to dry. Other than that, i cant fault them!
After the right amount of coats are applied, they look nice and have a nice finish. I seem to have quite a problem with any nail varnishes not chipping on my nails, but these lasted as long as any, so on any other person would last nicely. I also quite like how the packaging is designed just like the ESSIE nail varnishes.
Overall, i would really reccomend these nail varnishes.
I really like finding little bargains like these. I'm not really that keen on paying too much money for things, im only 14 after all, and dont earn any money! However i do know that some things really arent what there made out to be!
If you get a minute, i would 100% recommend MUA. Not all of their products are brilliant but they have so many lovely ones and for such cheap prices. Another thing that tops MUA from other cheap makeup brands is that you can find it in superdrug stores, as appose to just online. I love online shopping, but everyone should go out every once in a while :)
In a while crocodile :)